Friday, 13 April 2012

Goodbye :-)

This blog has been... fun? I do enjoy the pink barbed-wire fence atmosphere, but no, not fun.
Motivating? Initially yes.
However, I can de-clutter much faster than I can blog about it.
In the end this blog has just become, well, embarrassing.
I mean, who cares?
My house still has some clutter, but far less than a year ago.
More importantly, I have better things to do than write about it, and you have more important things to do than read about it. I suspect that's why all clutter-related blogs die.
So, I'm signing off clutterbuster.
Thanks to the handful of followers who found me -- I appreciated your encouraging comments! Best of luck to you.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Baby Clutter revisited

I'm parting with the "storable" baby clutter that I'd put into limbo in my in-laws' garage late fall. This week I gave away most of the parenting books and a big plastic bin full of baby gear. My son re-claimed some of his baby books though; they might actually be useful for teaching him to read.
I see from the photos in my last Baby Clutter post that there was a blue bin of baby stuff too. I'll have to track that bin down.
Which leaves the big pieces: the Italian stroller; the perfect swing; the Exersaucer. I'm going to sell them, but not this weekend -- I don't want to talk about baby things at Easter supper. While I'm glad to be parting with them, it's still too sad to discuss at a family gathering.