Friday, 1 July 2011

What not to wear

While I passed judgment on all my clothes last month, I took the time to observe what works for me and what doesn't. 

I figure that this was time well spent, since not buying something means never having to de-clutter it.

Here's my personal list of the top 5 things I should never buy again:
  1. Tops that are too low-cut. Casual low-cut tops are particularly bad, since my toddler loves to use my bra-cups as a handle, and I spend a lot of time at ground level, tying shoes, sharing hugs, and digging in sandboxes. 
  2. Tops that are too short. If it isn't cut long, it isn't going to flatter me. Between the belly and the backside, cover me up!
  3. Short pants and skirts. I'm tall. My clothes should be too.
  4. Long shorts. For some mysterious reason, long shorts look worse than short shorts. Weird.
  5. Short-sleeved golf shirts. I've only kept my favourites, but I still have more golf shirts than golf games. At least I can wear the wicking ones for running, while I dream of a golf vacation. 
    On the other hand, I can always count on:
    1. White tanks. Perfect for layering under those low-cut tops.
    2. Long, lean tops.
    3. Elbow-length sleeves. I love these. Never need to roll them up; never too short; no farmer's tan; perfect year round.
    4. Boat necks. 
    5. Knee-length skirts. 
    No wonder I have two identical long, white boatneck tees with elbow-length sleeves, and I wear them constantly. 

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