Thursday, 18 August 2011

Four weeks: Day 4 -- Oops

Yesterday I was so smug about my garage sale plans. Sigh.

My beloved (and incredibly supportive but stubborn) husband has brought me down to earth. "I'm not moving that #*?! TV up the stairs and back down again." This in response to my intention to Craig's List the TV if it doesn't sell in the garage sale. In the end, we've reached what's probably a better plan -- it's going in the garage sale, and if it doesn't sell, we're getting rid of it this weekend. He's right that I should be prepared to toss or give away everything that goes in the garage sale. All of which makes me wonder if we shouldn't just skip the garage sale and give it all away...

I took a moment to find out if the local Salvation Army store accepts donations on Saturdays -- they do, but no TV's more than 5 years old! I'm laughing out loud at myself now. That baby's going to be bargain priced if we do try to sell it. If not, straight to the dump.

Either way, I'm heading back down to the basement now, to keep culling more stuff. If nothing else, the looming garage sale deadline is motivating me to go through as much stuff as possible.

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