Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Those who will, do; those who don't, blog?

It occurs to me that my last post ("Linens"... how embarrassing) could easily be mistaken for satire. Let's face it, I dumped an embarrassment of sheets, etc. on a huge table, folded them, tossed a small portion, and then put them back all over my house(!!!). Oh yes, and then I spent more time writing and uploading pictures about it than I actually spent doing it.
As I sit here feeling foolish, I can't avoid seeing another tower of boxes to my right, an still-overstuffed (or at least disorganized) closet to my left, and knowing that there's far more out of sight.
All of which suggests that it would be far more useful for me to just get rid of clutter than to write about it.
The writing was supposed to be self-motivating. It was, for a while. Time to hush up and bust some clutter...!

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