Friday, 23 March 2012

Status report

I feel oddly compelled to report (to whom and for what reason I do not know) that I eventually attained the objectives set out in my Coming clean: Go! post last week... That is, all of the boxes are gone from my dining room and my bed room (yayyyy!!!!!!!!!!) and my office is much, much clearer. Our house looks bigger and emptier. I also made some donations to the thrift shop.
I feel kind of sheepish posting this on my so-called clutter buster blog though; it was more of a reorganization.
I really don't know why I worry about such things. It's not like anyone reads this!
Anyway, I got my house cleaned up last week, and my good friend Q came for the weekend, and we went out to a pub on St. Patrick's Day and drank many pints of beer, and all is good.
On Sunday she commented, "I noticed that you don't have a log of knickknacks and stuff on display. Where do you put it all?" This after she had fully toured our house, including the entire basement. I guess I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff.
One day my house may be the way I'd like it to be.
In the meantime, I have a long list of other things to work on. For starters, spring is here already, and the garden is calling! This spring I'm going to enjoy my garden and work in it.
This post seems to be writing itself and it seems to be leading to the conclusion that I am about to take a(nother) break from clutterbusting, the blog, and possibly also clutter-busting, the verb. Or rathe, it's time to clutter-bust my paperwork, clutter-bust my finances, clutter-bust my garden, possibly even clutter-bust my figure and my diet if I can stretch this metaphor to the very edge of reason.
Happy Clutter-Busting, wherever it may take you!

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