Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The best-laid plans are made at the Westwood Clinic

I can't de-clutter while I sit here at the walk-in clinic, but I can write about it with my thumbs...

Standard de-cluttering advice is to focus on one space at a time. That's all well and good if the rest of your spaces are clutter-free. Not so simple when your clutter doesn't belong in the space it's in, but there's no room for it in its intended space. The main objective of de-cluttering may be to get rid of stuff, but I also need to find a place for the stuff we have and need. (Sure, if I were Martha Stewart I could just give away the whole house and order in a concise set of deluxe essentials. Me, not so much.)

For example, I started piling linens in our guest room when the linen closet got too disorganized to hold another pillow case. Seemed like a good temporary solution at the time; embarassing now! So I'm going to have to clean the linen closet before I can de-clutter the guest room. That was always the plan, but what about the focus-on-one-space-at-a-time mantra? I guess the lesson is to start with the right space. Apparently, the right space would have been the closets.
In the meantime, I'm at the local walk-in clinic with my little boy who has a sore ear and a mild fever.
That was four days ago. Not a lot of progress since then, but a lot of hockey, trains, antibiotics, frustration, and yet another trip to the walk-in clinic. 

However, our little boy's ear infection appears to have cleared at last, so today's my day to kick some clutter-butt.

On another note, I have discovered that someone else is following my blog. A huge surprise that's a little bit scary and incredibly motivating. Her blog is honest and brave. 

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