Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clutterbuster Kick-off

This post will be brief. I have an appointment soon but I'm going to seize these minutes and get started. It can only be good practice.

I'm going to de-clutter our house. We have too much stuff. We want to be able to find things, and put them away. So I have to make room for the things we keep, and remove the rest. The hard part, for me, will be deciding what to keep, and what should be removed. I'm attached to a lot of these things. The fun part will be finding a place for the things we keep. Both parts will take a lot of time.

I've been trying to decide where to start. Fortunately, the decision has been made by our friend Steve's announcement that he is coming to stay in our guest room one week from today. Hurray for Steve!
A few weeks ago I took a house full of "before" photos. Most of them are too scary to post (and conveniently I don't have time at the moment), but our guest room looked like this:

It's actually worse than it looks. The suitcases were full of clothes from a weekend getaway (now unpacked); the boxes are full of things from my old office (untouched); and hidden beneath the bed and in the drawers are framed photos ready to hang on a future portrait wall...

The guest room is even worse today:
Yes, everything from our dear son's potty to my clutter-busting gear -- bins and label-maker. Nothing like buying more stuff to tackle your stuff.

Here we go. One week to go from warehouse to welcoming!

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