Friday, 29 April 2011

Every little bit counts -- each way

Today I didn't (intentionally) dedicate any time to clutter-busting, but I took more stuff out of the house than I took in, so I'll call that progress.

I started out looking for something in our over-flow kitchen cupboard (over the basement stairs), and I wound up pulling out an entire shopping bag full of expired foods.

In the past, finding expired foods in my cupboards actually made me feel good, because I gained space. I'm still glad to get rid of useless stuff, but I was also saddened by the waste.

Perhaps this wasteful feeling remained when I went to the grocery store, because for the first time ever, I came home with the items I intended to buy and nothing else. I came home with less than I threw out this morning.

Having a limited budget is both a help and a hindrance when it comes to de-cluttering. The hindrance was obvious: it's harder to get rid of something that you can't afford to replace. But living on a limited budget also makes it easier to buy less, which means having less.

In hindsight, having a job I didn't like motivated me to spend more. I felt slightly better about my job when it enabled me to buy the best for my son, for example. Buying less feels so much better.

My new favourite source? The public library. I love returning books almost as much as we love borrowing them.

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