Thursday, 2 June 2011

The plastic drawer

Today's de-clutter turned out to be more of a re-organization than a purge. It wasn't sexy but it did lighten our load a little bit.
As often happens, our big drawer of plastic food-storage containers would not close today.
As rarely happens, I decided to respond without the use of force.
  1. I spread a clean blanket on the floor, and emptied the drawer onto the blanket. 
  2. I picked out the containers that belong to my mother-in-law and moved them to the front entry.
  3. I picked out the things that belong elsewhere and put them away.
  4. I picked out the broken and orphaned pieces and recycled them.
  5. I tried to find other pieces to recycle, and realized that we do use most of this stuff. So, I picked out three containers that don't stack, and grouped them at the back of the drawer. If we don't use them in the next month then I'll give them away. 
  6. I put everything back neatly and found I had room to add our Pyrex food-storage containers to the same drawer. Having all the food-storage containers in one organized place will make them easier to find and might even reduce the number we need. 
As soon as I was done our dog Charley moved in and enjoyed a nap on the empty blanket. Sorry, no pictures of drawer or dog.

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